Hello, my name is Riley.  I work at a children’s hair salon doing young girl’s birthday parties.  In Johnson County.  The job is… meh.  The tips are great and the girls are usually quite sweet, spoiled, but sweet.  Every time I work there’s always one girl who’s very quirky and comes up with highly interesting little quotes, or ideas of games to play.  I always find them quite hysterical and thought they should be shared with the world.

In order to make this blog as successful as possible, I’m going to keep things short and to the point!  The stories will probably be funnier with less information anyways.  Also, as Ciera Design recommends, I’ll try to let you see these stories through my eyes.  Though I think it will be difficult, as this is a highly anecdotal-focused blog, I will attempt to incorporate as many pictures as possible.

Something interesting that I wouldn’t have thought of that was recommended by a Forbes post to make your blogging most effective is to utilize social network sharing by having a share button for all the most popular sites.  Though, I will most likely not implement this, I never would have thought about that and found that to make a lot of sense.

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